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Life Lessons - Thoughts

topics: Meaning of Life; Reality; Science; Justice

Life is strange, but extraordinarily beautiful. It can be cruel at times. Humans can be incredibly intelligent and caring, but some can be so depraved it makes some believe there is no God.

I predicted in 2018 (with input) that there would be a pandemic but also famine and war with societal collapse. This would reduce the population and lead to a more spiritual society. But it will be painful.

March 2023 - We are in the first couple of years and there are a few more to go. The war is most definitely here. The financial collapse might be just around the corner

My own journey has had amazing highs and unpleasant lows. In the last 12 years I have suffered from pain, fatigue and brain fog which got very bad the last 2-3 years. In December 2022 I had Covid a second time. Remarkably, my health improved dramatically. Regrettably, I have had a back-slide in some ways but I am not as badly off as before.