I have written and published some books.

This is my third book. Published in March 2022.

I based it on my second book but added my Cosmic Mind hypothesis and structured the “evidence”. I also added argument and some history of science.

The logic and philosophy is sound, and so it the evidence. When people see the list of contents with stuff they consider to be “woo” they turn off.

I am fairly sure that what I was told about the pandemic will still come true, and then people will be desperate for answers.

Time will tell.

I published a 2nd edition of my second book in March 2022. 182 pages.

This was still aimed at the general public but I found that atheists and scientists would look at the title and lose interest when they saw “God” in the title.

By this time I had further insights and thoughts about how to deal with the issue in a scientific way. And hence my third book.

I decided to write a second book that was a slimmed down version of the second part of the first book. I published it in September 2020. 182 pages.

Some reviews that come back were that it did not flow well as a story line.

One or two slight typos.

It forced me to learn about 2nd editions.

This was my first ever published book.

August 2018. It was 647 pages, covering a lot of my life. It had two sections. The first was biographical in the third person, and the second dealt with spiritual matters and global problems.

I had hoped people would see the warning about the imminent pandemic. The few who did read it did not take the warning seriously.

In late 2020 a person who did read it told me “You were right. At the time I thought you were talking a lot of rubbish.”

I wrote it anonymously because I preferred not to have people focusing on me and not the message.